The First-Time Manager series
The First-Time Manager series

The Manager Series

With straight talk and clear action steps on everything from hiring and firing to motivating your team, The First-Time Manager series is your go-to resource as you navigate the realities of managing people.

The First-Time Manager

By Jim McCormick

The trusted management classic for anyone facing new responsibilities as a first-time manager.

For nearly four decades, this expert guide has brought newcomers up to speed on the realities of managing people.

The First-Time Manager: Leading Through Crisis

By Paul Falcone

Identify, prevent, and safely intervene during crises of all kinds.

With this book, you'll learn to think through, react constructively, and demonstrate wisdom and calmness in even the most challenging and intense workplace situations.

The First-Time Manager: Sales

By Mike Weinberg

The go-to guide for new and aspiring sales managers on what to expect and how to succeed.

Learn the pitfalls to avoid and mindset changes needed to successfully make the leap from sales superstar to sales manager.

The First-Time Manager: HR

By Paul Falcone

Bestselling author and Human Resources expert Paul Falcone breaks down the landscape for new managers.

Quickly get up to speed covering recruitment, employee relations, compensation and benefits, “HR Defense” legal and compliance strategies to keep your organization safe, as well as “HR Offense” strategies to help drive organizational strategy and performance. This one-of-a-kind guide will:

The First-Time Manager: DEI

By Alida Miranda-Wolff

The essential resource for new managers who want to foster a safe, inclusive, and productive space for their teams.

Master both the mindset and actions required for new managers to build inclusive teams.