15 February

Staying Human in the Age of Data

In this excerpt, @Rishad Tobaccowala asserts that data alone isn’t enough for effective business decisions; the human element is equally crucial. It’s not about negating data, but about understanding its limits and working towards a more human-centric approach.

02 January

The Best Negotiators Lead with Need

The “lead-with-need” model will turn adversaries trying to outmaneuver one another into colleagues trying to solve a mutual problem together.

21 December

I Hope He Cheats On You

. . . because you need to be with someone else—someone who will nurture and support your dreams! Adapted from Pinky Cole’s I Hope You Fail: Ten Hater Statements Holding You Back from Getting Everything You Want I know you read the title of this chapter and said, “Damn, Pinky!” But follow me; I’m going […]

30 August

Ignite Passion and Drive In Your Students and Young Employees

The Activator senses the right moment to light a spark that ignites their mentee’s momentum, passions, or trajectory. The Activator is concerned with finding the right moment where their mentee would benefit from a carefully worded state­ment of encouragement and belief, fueling their drive to push harder, set even more ambitious goals, or stretch themselves in new and exciting ways.

02 August

Bouncing Back from a Loss

When something goes wrong in your business, how do you handle it? What things can you control, and what things can you not control?

19 July

The Story of Apple Isn’t About Apple

The story of Apple isn’t about Apple; it’s about you. You’re the hero in the story, and they play a role more like Q in the James Bond movies.