08 July

Designing and Building a Learning Organization

75 percent of companies say their leadership programs are not very effective, and only 11 percent report having a strong succession plan to fill critical leadership roles. So, what gives? What’s broken, and how do we fix it?

10 June

The Seven Habits of Highly Inclusive Managers

As much as a manager’s responsibilities are interconnected, they can also come into conflict with one another. Attempting to balance these responsibilities is a daily practice.

21 May

What to Say When Expectations Aren’t Clear

It’s so easy to get caught up in an argument without realizing that it’s really a lack of clarity. As you see a conflict building, start with Powerful Phrases that help people understand what’s happening.

10 May

Tell the Story to Inspire Engagement

Herein lies one of the biggest opportunities of the modern leader: figure out how to engage, or re-engage, or keep engaged your team . . . and the rest all gets easier. Those organizations with engaged employees enjoy benefits including, but not limited to: improved morale, retained institutional knowledge, improved productivity, improved corporate culture and customer experience, and better employee engagement/satisfaction

20 March

Master the Soft Skills of Coaching

Let’s look at some soft skills that will help us deliver incredible coaching. Here are five characteristics great coaches have in common when it comes to building a trusting relationship.

15 February

Staying Human in the Age of Data

In this excerpt, @Rishad Tobaccowala asserts that data alone isn’t enough for effective business decisions; the human element is equally crucial. It’s not about negating data, but about understanding its limits and working towards a more human-centric approach.