01 February

On-ramping the Remote Worker

Excerpt from Running Remote by Liam Martin and Rob Rawson  Among the many challenges of building and sustaining a remote work environment, none is more pressing than mastering hiring, on-ramping, and nurturing the new employee.   Here’s a list of how to effectively find remote workers and help them onboard.   1. Build a pipeline. Utilize job […]

18 January

Having Emotional Intelligence

Excerpt from The First Time Manager by Jim McCormick  Social scientists and psychologists have found that managers and leaders who have high levels of emotional intelligence, or a high emotional quotient (EQ), seem to do much better in their managerial and leadership roles than their counterparts who have average or low EQs. These experts have […]

03 January

How to Develop Leadership Intuition

If you’re thinking to yourself, I just don’t see things intuitively, don’t despair. The good news is that you can improve your leadership intuition, even if you were not born with great leadership gifting.  

23 September

Public Domain Permission Requests

Public Domain Permission Requests KBA-01111-04CB1 Question Can I print exerpts from Public Domain? Answer You will need written permission from the publisher to reproduce selections or excerpts of copyrighted material, unless your request is 500 words or less taken from any single source that is not public domain, or the copyright on the text has […]

22 September

Glose- Prior Purchases

Glose- Prior Purchases KBA-02624-H6K3F Question I have purchased e-books on Glose before. How can I get them back? Answer If you have purchased e-books here before, then you will find your full collection on and in the Glose apps. To do so, go to or download the application, and identify yourself through the HarperCollins […]

21 September

How do I Redeem my E-Book?

How do I Redeem my E-Book? KBA-02622-D9G7L Question How do I redeem my e-book once I’m logged into Glose? Answer Redeeming your purchased e-book is easy. Go to your purchased e-books, and click the “Read Now” button underneath the book cover you want. This will open a new tab on your browser that will lead […]

21 September

What is Glose?

What is Glose? KBA-02623-J2X3W Question What is Glose?  Glose is a website ( and an online reading platform available on all devices (laptop, tablet, and smartphone) that offers interesting features you might enjoy such as reading groups, shared annotations, one-click highlighting, and more. Answer Once you have created your account on Glose, you can read e-books […]

21 September

E-Book Wrong Email Address

E-Book Wrong Email Address KBA-02691-V3X2Q Question If I used the wrong email address when purchasing an E-Book, how do I change it? Answer When accessing a book from Glose, you need to use the same email address that you did during purchase.  But if you wish to change to another email address, simply sign in […]

19 June

Where can I read my e-book?

Where can I read my e-book? KBA-02621-S5T2R Question Where can I read my e-book? Answer Once you’ve redeemed your e-book, you can read it on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or smartphone, through Glose. Read your e-book on all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and all Android devices. Alternatively, you can read on a Kindle Fire through […]

16 June

E-Book Forgot Password

E-Book Forgot Password KBA-02690-B8L4W Question I forgot my Glose Password.  How can I change it? Answer No worries. Simply click Forgot password and enter your username or email address.  Glose will send you an email to reset your password. Additional Information