30 August

Ignite Passion and Drive In Your Students and Young Employees

The Activator senses the right moment to light a spark that ignites their mentee’s momentum, passions, or trajectory. The Activator is concerned with finding the right moment where their mentee would benefit from a carefully worded state­ment of encouragement and belief, fueling their drive to push harder, set even more ambitious goals, or stretch themselves in new and exciting ways.

02 August

Bouncing Back from a Loss

When something goes wrong in your business, how do you handle it? What things can you control, and what things can you not control?

19 July

The Story of Apple Isn’t About Apple

The story of Apple isn’t about Apple; it’s about you. You’re the hero in the story, and they play a role more like Q in the James Bond movies.

24 May

Silence: Creativity’s Incubator

Silence makes artists, inventors, and entrepreneurs observers of their own thoughts and feelings. With calm minds, we create ideas of value.

10 May

Master Stage 3 of Your Career, a Mid-Level Professional

You are creating visible results in Stage 3 of your career of growth, and you are perhaps the most important piece of the company. What makes this stage so difficult is that rarely do departments agree or see the world the same way. You are in a constant state of refining and renegotiating the deliverables. It follows that the one skill you can’t live without is being comfortable with conflict.

26 April

Defining a North Star: Developing a Business Strategy the Brooks Running Way

We decided that a purpose was preferable to a mission. Purpose is a forever cause that can permeate everything from the business to the brand to the culture. Brooks’s purpose would be evident at our core, and we could clearly communicate it to the world as our reason for being—our North Star.