06 May

How do I Download this e-book to my Desktop?

How do I Download this e-book to my Desktop?
How do I download this e-book to my desktop?

I think you might have expected the e-book to be downloaded to your desktop, as a file. But with this offer, the e-book is stored in the cloud at www.glose.com. Glose is a new e-book reader that lets you read e-books on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

So the way this works is: redeem your e-book by clicking on the REDEEM button. Once that is done you follow the instructions that lead to redeeming the book and creating a Glose account.

Once that is done, that means your e-book is waiting for you in your Glose account, on your computer (through www.glose.com) or on your tablet or smartphone (through Glose apps).

So you can then read:

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