The Ultimate Guide to Great Mentorship

13 Roles to Making a True Impact

by Scott Jeffrey Miller

On Sale: July 11, 2023

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Book Summary

Easy, practical guidance on how to make the most out of your mentorship journey.

About the Book

Easy, practical guidance on how to make the most out of your mentorship journey.

Being a great mentor leads to thriving, engaged employees on both sides of the mentor-mentee relationship and helps drive renewed purpose. There are growing expectations and interest in business today that leaders will make themselves available as mentors to provide future leaders growth opportunities and help them grow in their roles. There is also plenty of evidence that shows how impactful mentorship can be for the mentors when approached with the right mindset. 

The Ultimate Guide to Great Mentorship walks mentors through the mentorship journey, from setting initial expectations and goals, to tracking progress, to identifying when it is time to find new opportunities. Filled with practical sample plans and forms to make the experience much more impactful for all parties, this timely guide takes the ambiguity out of how to be a great mentor.

  • Learn how mentor-mentee relationships work best for both parties.
  • See how other top leaders approach mentorship and what works and what doesn’t.
  • Keep your mentorship journey on track with practical forms and timelines to work on with your mentee.
  • See how being a great mentor leads to personal and professional growth and renewal for you as well as your mentee!


'Commemorating the end of a successful mentoring relationship is an important capstone. In Scott Miller's newest release, The Ultimate Guide to Great Mentorship, this task is assigned to Role 13, The Closer. Here, a mentor can celebrate their mentee's progress as they prepare them for the next phase of their growth.'

'As a mentor, you must be willing to make strategic introductions. Scott's mentoring Role 12, The Connector, is about the power you have to create opportunities for your mentees. It's powerful advice. The Ultimate Guide to Great Mentorship is a must-read!'

'For most of us, the formation of our character and even our competence comes through some form of struggle. In Scott's mentoring Role 5, The Challenger, he encourages mentors to push on current assumptions and limiting beliefs to drive mentees toward achieving what even they didn't know was possible.'

'I love Scott's focus on the 13 roles mentors play--especially The Validator! It's key in making sure people are supported, encouraged, seen, and heard. Learn the validation language of your mentees and the sky is the limit in what they can achieve! When we are validated, we have the courage to do hard things, to make the changes that need to be made. It is the best way I know to get the most out of the mentee in our care as mentors.'

'In his new book, The Ultimate Guide to Great Mentorship, Scott Miller recognizes that we all have unique strengths. That's why The Revealer role is so critical in mentoring. They are a careful listener, gently uncovering clues to help their mentee identify their own distinctive capabilities (while staying mindful that their mentee's journey is unique from their own).'

'Mentorship is one of the critical foundational elements in all impactful careers. None of us have achieved our success without the guidance, insight, and often courageous feedback given to us from a trusted mentor. Scott's book, The Ultimate Guide to Great Mentorship, is THE NEW MANUAL for any leader looking to invest in people and ensure the future of mentorship.'

'Role 3, The Absorber, in Scott Miller's newest book, The Ultimate Guide to Great Mentorship, understands that all relationship require time to develop and blossom. Scott beautifully encourages mentors to adopt The Absorber role and listen, with empathy, to better know and even love the new passenger on their mentoring 'bus.''

'Scott Jeffrey Miller is one of the great curators of management thinking. A master mentor himself, Scott has gathered insights from the best mentors and distilled them into a powerful set of actionable practices. If you want to be a true difference maker in someone's life and maximize your impact as a mentor, The Ultimate Guide to Great Mentorship is your formula.'

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