Black Faces in High Places

10 Strategic Actions for Black Professionals to Reach the Top and Stay There

by Randal D. Pinkett, Jeffrey A. Robinson

On Sale: February 8, 2022

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Book Summary

The essential guide for Black professionals to move up through their organizations and ultimately reach the top, with real-life tips, strategies, and insights from Black peers to help you stay there. ?

About the Book

A timely resource for Black professionals on how to rise to the top of their organizations or industries and, just as importantly, to stay there.

Black Faces in High Places is the essential guide for Black professionals who are moving up through their organizations or industries but need a roadmap for how to get to the top and stay there. Based on the authors' considerable experiences in business, in the public eye, and as a minority, the book shows how African-American professionals can (and must) think and act both entrepreneurially and "intrapreneurially".

In this book, you will: 

  • Expand yourself beyond your comfort zone 
  • Recognize and demonstrate the four facets of excellence
  • Build beneficial relationships and powerful networks
  • Identify different mentors and learn from others' experiences
  • Discover ways of working with others to facilitate collective action

Black Faces in High?Places highlights the experiences of other Black faces in high places who were able to navigate various crossroads, reach the top, and stay there, including insights from President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Cathy Hughes, Angela Glover Blackwell, Ken Chenault, Senator Cory Booker, Geoffrey Canada, and others.


'Black Faces in High Places details the blueprint for Black professionals to not only grow as leaders but explains the importance of being a mentor to others who are striving to achieve the top status too often denied. This is an incredible book outlining essential strategies that every Black professional should embrace.'

'Black Faces in High Places not only gives strategy, it gives proof of concepts by authorship from people who have done it!'

'Black Faces in High Places should be required reading for any African-American professional.'

'The roadmap to climb the ladder and create lasting change is found in Black Faces in High Places.'

'Black Faces in High Places is an essential roadmap for any African-American professional or aspiring professional to learn to navigate what can be challenging terrain. This book is one part toolkit, two parts inspiration.'

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