Venture Mom

From Idea to Income in Just 12 Weeks

by Holly Hurd

On Sale: August 12, 2015

Price: $18.99

Book Summary

No start-up capital, business plans, or even babysitters? No problem! Discover the tools you need to take care of business while taking care of your kids.

About the Book

Founder of Holly Hurd recounts inspiring stories from women who have channeled their passions into money-making products and services, and delivers 12 steps to simplify the process and turn your idea into a budding enterprise.

How did she do it? You’ve probably seen your share of moms lately thriving in the whirlwind of motherhood and entrepreneurship, having taken their designer onesie or gluten-free cookie and turned it into a profitable venture, and wondered if that could ever happen to you. It can!

Without sacrificing precious time with their children, moms will learn about:

  • Tips and techniques for honing a concept, doing just enough research, and finding the perfect name
  • 5 factors that improve the odds of success
  • Free resources for logos, web design, and branding
  • Strategies for leveraging email, blogging, and social media

Don’t fall for the lie that you could never do what they did. It’s time to strip away the mysteries surrounding launching a business and unlock a fast, easy formula that anyone can utilize. Whether the goal is adding to the family finances or building a major enterprise, Venture Mom can help anyone get started.

Product Details

  • ISBN: 9780814436387
  • ISBN 10: 0814436382
  • On Sale: August 12, 2015
  • Pages: 256
  • List Price: $18.99
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  • Category 1 : BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Entrepreneurship
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