The Performance Appraisal Tool Kit

Redesigning Your Performance Review Template to Drive Individual and Organizational Change

by Paul Falcone, Winston Tan

On Sale: May 15, 2013

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Book Summary

Performance reviews should raise more than just salaries--they should raise the company’s efficiency levels and bottom line as well!

About the Book

The key difference between a highly successful organization raising bars at every turn and one that limps along just happy to reach its quarterly goals--most of the time--might very well be how they address performance reviews. Are they just a perfunctory, annual “check-off,” with no other goal than to justify salary increases, or does the organization truly know how to manage and measure its employees’ performances in order to best impact a company’s bottom line? In The Performance Appraisal Tool Kit, readers will discover a customizable appraisal template covering the essential areas of performance and conduct and learn how they can adapt it to fit varying business strategies. After all, every organization is a unique entity, therefore, the performance appraisal plan must also be unique to its company. In order to find the process that best increases efficiency and effectiveness in your workplace, learn how to: • Profile ideal employee performance and behavior • Design competencies that power performance, both at the individual and enterprise level • Drive future change by setting your organization's strategic direction • Retool the appraisal as needed to ratchet up expectations over time • And more There’s nothing more valuable to a company in the long-term than a motivated and dedicated workforce. This forward-thinking, one-of-a-kind guide gives you the resources you need to construct a performance appraisal program that will accommodate market changes, revised priorities, and increasing productivity targets--and in the end, will lift your organization to a higher level.

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