The Management Training Tool Kit

35 Exercises to Prepare Managers for the Challenges They Face Every Day

by Alan Clardy

On Sale: June 1, 2012

Price: $36.99

Book Summary

The toughest part of most managers’ jobs? Resolving people problems. This innovative training guide prepares new managers to tackle any challenge with confidence.

About the Book

Most people learn best through experience, which is why new managers often feel ill-equipped to resolve the frustrations, setbacks, conflicts, and concerns of the people on their team. The Management Training Tool Kit includes all the essential tools to help you face even the most advanced leadership challenges and avoid embarrassing blunders. Psychology professor Alan Clardy supplies thirty-five real-life case studies that explore the important lessons learned by other experienced professionals, including how to troubleshoot plummeting morale, interpersonal conflict, decreased productivity, disruptive employees, sexual harassment claims, and more. With probing discussion questions that help pinpoint core issues, practical solutions that can be used to resolve problems, role-playing analysis exercises that bring the case studies to life, and an inventory to help you assess your unique management style, you’ll gain the skills needed to guide your team through trials and on to success. New managers tossed to the front lines with absolutely no experience are bound to make some mistakes. But The Management Training Tool Kit will help leaders adeptly overcome any obstacle.

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  • On Sale: June 1, 2012
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