Project Management for Small Business

A Streamlined Approach from Planning to Completion

by Joseph Phillips

On Sale: November 7, 2011

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Book Summary

For leaders struggling to make cumbersome project management methodologies work for small business, this step-by-step guide offers a straightforward and streamlined approach to getting more things done--and producing better results.

About the Book

Project management can help companies become more efficient and profitable. But as a seasoned project management consultant, educator, and writer, author Joseph Phillips teaches that the how of successful project management looks different for every business. Grounded in years of his real-world experience, Project Management for Small Business introduces readers to the core principles and techniques of project management adapted and simplified to be most effective for smaller enterprises. With repeatable practices for planning, executing, and controlling projects in an environment where one team member may be wearing multiple hats, this practical how-to helps you avoid the potentially devastating effects of wasted time and materials. Among many other useful skills, you’ll learn how to define project requirements and scope; create a project schedule based on resource availability; estimate and budget for project costs, identify and minimize project risks; manage workflow; communicate effectively; and control project change. Classic project management models often prove too cumbersome for smaller businesses with limited staff resources, tight budgets, and next to no time to devote to learning a complex new system. Project Management for Small Business skips the complicated theory and goes straight to the heart of what it really takes to make a project--and your business--a success.

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