Customer Service Management Training 101

Quick and Easy Techniques That Get Great Results

by Renee Evenson

On Sale: September 14, 2011

Price: $24.99

Book Summary

You’ve mastered the skills required to achieve customer satisfaction. But how do you effectively train others to do the same? This user-friendly book will help new customer service managers and veterans alike lead frontline employees with confidence.

About the Book

Becoming a great customer service manager requires an intentional focus on skills beyond those required for exemplary customer service. Building off the success of her book Customer Service Management Training 101, author Renée Evenson shows readers what it takes to advance to the next stage in their careers--focusing on their development as managers. Filled with the same accessible, step-by-step guidance as its predecessor, this book teaches readers how to identify their personal management style and develop the core leadership qualities needed to communicate with, lead, train, motivate, and manage those employees responsible for customer satisfaction. Designed for new managers and veterans alike, Customer Service Management Training 101 covers essential topics, including: planning and goal setting, time management, team development, conflict resolution, providing feedback, listening to your employees, monitoring performance, conducting meetings, and managing challenges.Packed with checklists, practice lessons inspired by real-world scenarios, and detailed examples and explanations of the right and wrong ways to do things, this handy resource is the start and finish of everything customer service managers need to know to thrive.

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  • On Sale: September 14, 2011
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