People Styles at Work...And Beyond

Making Bad Relationships Good and Good Relationships Better

by Robert Bolton, Dorothy Grover Bolton

On Sale: May 28, 2009

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Book Summary

Why is it so hard to work well with some people? Learn the key strengths and weakness of four different people styles and how better to understand and relate to them--both on the job and off.

About the Book

As cofounders of the leadership coaching and training firm Ridge Associates, authors Robert Bolton and Dorothy Grover teach that good interpersonal communication is essential to getting things done.

In this comprehensive and practical guide, they offer a proven method for understanding the key behavioral styles of those around you (including your own) and explain how you can leverage the strengths and weaknesses of each to relate to others more winsomely.

People Styles at Work . . . and Beyond teaches you how to:

  • recognize how they come across to other coworkers;
  • read others' body language and behavior to identify the best ways to work with them;
  • make small adjustments that will dramatically increase the quality and productivity of their interactions;
  • find common ground with different people while retaining their individuality;
  • relate less defensively and more effectively no matter how others act.

At work, at home, and even while you’re out running errands, your ability to relate to others affects how well you get things done. This book provides a self-assessment to determine which style you are and then uses that information to gauge how you should interact with others.

Now including all new material on personal relationships, parenting, and more, People Styles at Work . . . and Beyond is the ultimate how-to guide that can help you avoid conflicts and enhance important relationships.

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