The Communication Problem Solver

Simple Tools and Techniques for Busy Managers

by Nannette Rundle Carroll

On Sale: November 18, 2009

Price: $19.99

Book Summary

When everyone is in alignment, leadership can seem like an easy task. But managers often struggle to get their teams back on track once miscommunication occurs. Discover the simple communication techniques that resolve problems and restore productivity.

About the Book

Learn the simple communication tools and techniques that busy yet successful managers use to constantly drive productivity and business success. 

Management trainer and consultant Nannette Carroll has spent her career instilling top-flight communication skills in managers to keep their staffs productive and collaborative. In this detailed guide to workplace communication, she shares her best problem-solving techniques to resolve the people issues that derail productivity and guides you through an analysis of your own communication skills to help you overcome personal roadblocks to success.

The Communication Problem Solver teaches you how to:

  • set clear expectations;
  • ask questions that will uncover important facts;
  • sharpen listening skills to grasp information better in every conversation;
  • avoid imprecise judgments based on emotional reactions;
  • provide useful feedback;
  • encourage collaborative interactions;
  • delegate more effectively;
  • improve performance discussions using observable facts;
  • and build trusting and lasting relationships.

Easily accessible and packed with real-world management examples and tangible solutions to managers’ most common communication challenges, The Communication Problem Solver is the key to helping any leader immediately increase their effectiveness.

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