Secrets of the Marketing Masters

What the Best Marketers Do -- And Why It Works

by Dick Martin

On Sale: May 15, 2009

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Format: Hardcover

Book Summary

In an increasingly expansive, connected, and digitally-driven market, how can your business stand out from the crowd? Discover the secret marketing techniques used by the industry’s top leaders that will set you apart and build lasting customer loyalty.

About the Book

As markets fragment and globalize, consumers gain greater control over when and what media they use, and digital technologies change how people shop, work, and relax, the go-to rules of marketing aren’t what they once were. Featuring exclusive interviews with top consumer and business-to-business marketers at companies like PG, Unilever, GE, Nortel, and American Express, this insider guide offers practical advice to help you engage consumers and keep them coming back. Secrets of the Marketing Masters does this by teaching readers the key to gaining the trust and confidence of others--including your colleagues on the senior team as well as your customers. Marketers will discover how to: build a marketing culture; share results that matter--good and bad; connect with customers on an emotional level; find ways to amplify the customer voice within their company; run marketing like a professional service; cultivate positive word of mouth on and offline; and spot and leverage new trends. By learning how to meet customers where they are, mastering the latest and greatest digital marketing strategies, and gaining more exposure for your unique and exciting products and services, you’ll achieve the kind of brand loyalty that guarantees long-term growth.

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