The Potential Principle

A Proven System for Closing the Gap Between How Good You Are and How Good You Could Be

by Mark Sanborn

On Sale: September 5, 2017

Price: $16.99

Book Summary

Are you maximizing your potential? Learn how to close the gap between how good you are and how good you can be.

About the Book

You may honestly be able to say (and have others say about you) that you are the absolute best in your field--the best athlete, scholar, CEO, parent, mathematician, teacher, mechanic . . . whatever it is that you fill out the “occupation” box with. But being the best at something only means you are better than everyone else. It doesn’t mean you are the best you. Your potential is higher than where you are right now.Leadership expert and international bestselling author of The Fred Factor and You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader, Mark Sanborn invites you to get better. Not better than others, but better than you! By learning to employ Sanborn’s uniquely designed “Potential Matrix” to specific areas of their lives, readers can gain the tools they need to see breakthrough improvements in places they previously thought had reached their maximum potential.Every day, you have the exciting opportunity to be better. To pursue your true potential. To make what you thought was your best, now second-best. And then the next day, start again. You can be better.

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  • On Sale: September 5, 2017
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