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Learn what it takes to unite a team and accomplish a goal under strenuous circumstances without losing yourself or your values in the process.

The Gumbo Coalition

The Gumbo Coalition

Be a leader who unites and works for positive change in the world

Determine the right course of action, never lose sight of the goal, and continue despite opposition

Lead, fight for and win for your people while remaining diplomatic and sticking to your values


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Marc Morial, former mayor of New Orleans and current president and CEO of the National Urban League, oversaw many improvements during his terms, including crime reduction, police reform, and the passing of a significant bond issue.

In May 2003,  Morial  was appointed president and CEO of the National Urban League. Since that appointment,  Morial’s  Empowerment Agenda has worked to reenergize the League’s diverse constituencies; to build on the strength of its nearly one-hundred-year-old legacy; and to increase its profile both locally and nationally.

Marc Morial Portrait

“The Gumbo Coalition offers a priceless gift to the readers as it speaks to leadership in a refreshing new way.”

NBA Hall of Fame Legend

“When Marc talks about building coalitions to successfully meet challenges, he’s not only talking theory; he’s sharing with readers what he’s practiced his entire life.” 

Tim Murphy
Mastercard – General Counsel

“I found the words of Gumbo Coalition ministering to my spirit. Readers of Marc Morial’s blessed work will find an uplifting, challenging and encouraging word they can use along their journeys to becoming their best selves.” 

Bishop Paul S. Morton 
Pastor, Recording Artist, Author

“As witness and participant to Marc Morial’s gumbo skills over many years his actions speak loudly alongside his words.  The combination wins the outcomes that are Marc’s leadership hallmarks.  To see him in action is to see his embrace of the youngest, least certain to the oldest, most experienced; to feel his strength building momentum tempered by his compassion for all, including those with differences; to witness his respect for each  person in his presence and their desire to be encouraged and emboldened by his deeds and assurances.  His story and leadership benefit us all.”

John Hofmeister
Founding CEO of Citizens for Affordable Energy
Former President of Shell Oil Company

The Gumbo Coalition will help you avoid so many of the pitfalls I and others learned the hard way. Bravo Marc Morial, on penning this contemporary classic.”  

Simon Leslie
CEO Ink 
Author, "There Is No F in Sales"

“Marc Morial’s Gumbo Coalition underscores the essentiality of multicultural coalition focused
leadership in the 21st CENTURY - a leadership where all communities sit at the table as equals.”
Janet Murguía
President and CEO, UnidosUS

Marc Morial is a star of strategy and execution. Gumbo Coalition, a deeply personal, easy read, brings alive the generational wisdom that lives in the heart and soul of one of the most admired leaders of our time. A winning recipe for achievement, it illuminates behaviors that get in our way and demonstrates that you never have to sacrifice your soul to succeed in building on any front. This is a book that will help you thrive, save you time, money and heartache. I wish I had it at the beginning my career.

Susan L. Taylor,
Founder and CEO
National CARES Mentoring Movement
Editor-in-Chief Emerita
Essence Magazine

Praise for
The Gumbo Coalition
from Magic Johnson.

As a leader on the hardwood and in the executive suite, I have received numerous accolades for being able to commune the talents, passions, and energies of diverse people for a common cause. I have also been acknowledged for successfully bringing seemingly unrelated entities together to work in coalition for the benefit of all involved.

Marc Morial and I have a very special connection. First, because his twin passions mirror my own—leadership and diversity. Second, because of what he has done for both.
An important ingredient to a leader’s strength is relationships, a concept not often highlighted in leadership or business-related works. However, it is apparent throughout Marc’s life and throughout the chapters of this book that cultivating and nurturing multiple levels of relationships is a “secret roux” many would do well to add to their gumbo.

In The Gumbo Coalition Marc doesn’t treat diversity as just a buzzword or a bothersome hurdle as many companies or leaders begrudgingly do. Marc exalts diversity (gumbo) as a source of great strength, growth potential, and dynamic innovations—and as an imperative for leaders to embrace and actively cultivate if they want to achieve success.

When Marc talks about building coalitions to successfully meet challenges, he’s not only talking theory; he’s sharing with readers what he’s practiced his entire life.”

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Marc Morial smiling

Praise for
The Gumbo Coalition
from Sheryl Sandberg

When my friend Marc told me that he was writing a book, I couldn’t wait to read it. He’s a lifelong crusader for civil rights, has had one of the all-time great careers, and is a gripping storyteller. I knew his book would be outstanding.

Then I read it. I was right—it is outstanding. And it’s outstanding in ways I didn’t expect.

This book captures Marc’s extraordinary journey from the youngest mayor in the history of New Orleans to the head of the National Urban League, one of the country’s leading civil rights organizations. Though this book does a good deal of looking back, it feels entirely current. So many of the issues Marc has taken on still demand our moral and political attention. So many of the fights he fought are still being waged by courageous activists across the country. Anyone who wants to know more about politics, organizing, and what it’s really like inside the fight for equity—in New Orleans, in Louisiana, and across America—should read this book.

But while The Gumbo Coalition is a fascinating political memoir, it’s also something more: a leadership manual, complete with checklists, tips, and pitfalls to avoid. Marc writes about how to increase your collective power by building consensus, how vital it is to communicate your vision to your team at every step, and how networking done right is about building purposeful and intentional relationships for the common good. This playbook is both practical and deeply principled. And the theme that unites it all—the core of Marc’s leadership philosophy—is the value of building diverse and inclusive teams.

To my mind, that makes The Gumbo Coalition essential reading for people across all sectors—especially business leaders.

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COLUMBUS, OH AUGUST 01, 2018-  National Urban League Opening Lucheon with Sheryl Sandberg, Wednesday, August 01, 2018 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Lawrence Jackson/National Urban League)

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