Winning Now, Winning Later

Ways Companies Hurt Themselves in the Long Run by Trying to Win Right Now

If you run a team or organization of any size, then there’s a seemingly intractable dilemma you face each day: Should you focus on making the numbers or prioritizing longer-term strategies?

Ways Companies Can Inspire Change That Hurts Now but Makes You Great Later

True process improvement must accomplish two seemingly conflicting things at the same time.

Strategies for Achieving Short Term Goals and Long-Term Success

You don’t have to be a genius to achieve remarkable short- and long-term performance. What you have to do is believe you can achieve two seemingly conflicting things at the same time—short term performance and investment in the future.

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“David Cote is the most successful leader of a major industrial manufacturing company of his era. Of course, there have been some extraordinary high-tech successes with CEOS who are deservedly rock stars. But in the manufacturing area, David Cote stands alone.”

—Henry M. Paulson Jr., Former US Secretary of the Treasury, New York Times bestselling author

“David Cote turned a failing company into a global juggernaut by transforming the culture at Honeywell, and challenging his people to think and operate differently and, in his words, ‘stay hungry.’ David’s story is both inspirational and highly instructive, and his perspective and the lessons he imparts in Winning Now, Winning Later are relevant not just in business, but in any scenario where one wants to enact meaningful change and achieve great success.”

— Robert Iger, Former Chairman and CEO, The Walt Disney Company, #1 New York Times bestselling author

"I talk to more CEOs than anyone on Earth, and my advice to them is ‘get this book,’ because I am sick and tired of the griping and the grousing about how they aren't given enough time to work their magic. David Cote is living proof that you can perform both short and long term, and he's laid it all out for you to do it. Anyone running any business needs to satisfy more than themselves. Cote tells you how to do the job to everyone's satisfaction. Believe me, his task was a lot more difficult than yours will ever be unless your name is Hercules and you work at Augean Stables, Inc! "

—Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s Mad Money,New York Timesbestselling author

“As a CEO who managed for the long term with a keen eye to the short term, I found that I had to create my own playbook as I went along. How I wish David Cote’s excellent book had been available to me then. Life would have been so much easier! Thanks, David. Many leaders will benefit from this ‘how to.’”

—Indra K. Nooyi, Former Chairman, PepsiCo, Inc.

“David Cote delivers a masterclass in how to run a global Fortune 100 business for long-term success. Every business leader from every industry can learn from the hard-earned wisdom offered in this book.”

—Marc Benioff, co-Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Salesforce, New York Times bestselling author