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The Sephora Story will help you understand the competitive strategies, workplace culture, and daily business practices that turned the makeup retailer into a paradise for makeup enthusiasts everywhere.

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The business of beauty

Success doesn't happen on accident, it's through intentional actions. Sephora, the industry-leading retailer, learned to leverage the customer experience, emerging technology, and cultural trends to command the attention and loyalty of millions.

The Core of Sephora’s

Beauty Empire

But it’s just makeup, right? Wrong. It’s an experience, and it’s helped Sephora take a dominant place in the $48.3 billion-dollar makeup industry.

In this book, you’ll learn:

Lead the evolution of a decades old brand and relaunch it in a new market.

Bring together multiple brands under one roof without compromising their identities.

Create a customer experience that revolutionizes an industry.

Reach a younger audience and ignite a passion for your product.


The Sephora Story


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In this bonus PDF, you’ll learn how Sephora built a foundation of loyalty for its customers, and how they continue to supersede their competitors.

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Companies like Sephora have found success not because they have marketed or preyed upon the insecurities of individuals, but rather they have anticipated their deepest needs, desires, and hopes and responded in kind.

From a small perfume boutique to an international beauty retailer.

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