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The Marvel Studios Story will help you understand and adopt the competitive strategies, workplace culture, and daily business practices that enabled a struggling comic book publisher to parlay the power of myth and storytelling to become one of history’s most successful movie studios.

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A New Journey

for Marvel

Marvel characters have been shaping pop culture for decades and when comic books were no longer keeping the company afloat, Marvel Studios was born.

A Change in Focus

How did Marvel Studios become one of the most successful studios in the industry? Well, it didn't happen overnight. When you're a struggling comic book publisher, and the company isn't making money, what's next? Learn to leverage the power of storytelling for a new medium.

The Marvel Story will share with readers how the company navigated financial struggles, dealt with legal issues and rights to its characters, and found a balance between entertainment and profits.

In this book, you’ll learn:

To recognize and pursue additional revenue streams.

To keep a decades-old superhero franchise new and exciting without losing sight of its roots.

A company can successfully balance the creative with business to appease investors and fans alike.


The Marvel Studios Story


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Discover the pivotal moments in Marvel’s history that led to their greatest success.

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After years of being disillusioned, Stan Lee was excited again. He especially loved breaking new ground and pushing the envelope of the genre.

From a failing comic book

publisher to a

Hollywood giant.

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