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Discover how top talent will transform your organization.

10x talent brings at least 10 times the value to your organization. Game Changer teaches you how to recruit and effectively manage these sought-after individuals necessary for your survival in this rapidly changing era of business.

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Don’t stick with traditional business practices while you could be racing ahead.

Highly skilled 10x talent isn't just for Silicon Valley startups — it's for any business, government or organization that must bring in transformative talent to become more agile, innovative, and impactful.

Even in an economic crisis, Game Changer is the individual and company’s guide to staying in demand by having exceptional talent.

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Understand how to employ, attract, and retain game-changing talent.

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Become the manager that empowers your people to deliver amazing results.

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Learn to see yourself as both talent and management to achieve the rewards of being 10x.

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Authors Michael Solomon and Rishon Blumberg interview top 10x managers and talent to give an inside glimpse into how companies are evolving to new styles of work.

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Episode 1: Choosing Success Over Sabotage as a 10x Leader

Jonathan Lowenhar, Founder and Managing Partner of Enjoy the Work, discusses what it looks like to lead a company as a 10xer.

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The World is Catching Up to 10x

Game Changer is about the dual impact that technology and the people who create it are having on the way companies and governments must approach their greatest asset, their talent.

Many companies are evolving even faster, due to the current pandemic’s many effects on business: The rise of remote jobs, the demand for innovative and fast responses to customer needs, virtual-only experiences, and high unemployment rates.

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10x Managers Unlock Maximum Growth

Other books on management won’t reveal what the best leaders know about managing 10x talent, like providing deep flow states, helping to overcome blind spots, and guiding them to simply love what they do.

Your 10x talent won’t stick around long without effective 10x managers.

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"Technology is transforming everything, including the way we work. Game Changer surveys these changes in the employment landscape and offers a roadmap for individuals and companies to do even better on this new terrain.”
—Daniel H. Pink, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of WHEN and DRIVE

“You can't afford to ignore Game Changer. 10x talent demands a different way to work and no one better understands this than Solomon and Blumberg. It's more than a work from home policy. It's a fundamental transformation in how we look at talent. Rest assured, by tapping into the tactics in this book, you can create and scale unparalleled business value.” 
—Matthew Mottola, CEO of Venture L, Author of The Human Cloud, Built the Microsoft 365 Freelance Toolkit

“I highly recommend it! Game Changer succinctly and powerfully lays out the new talent paradigm being created by 10x talent across all industries. The author’s unique experience representing top talent in the tech industry lays the groundwork for how a new breed of talent can be utilized for transformational results in any organization”
—Patrick R. Leddin, PhD, Associate Professor of Managerial Studies, Vanderbilt University

"The concepts in Game Changer are precisely what leaders need to know now more than ever. Our world is changing rapidly. Companies that learn to adapt are the companies that will survive and grow."   
—Andrew Yang, Former Presidential Candidate and Founder of Humanity Forward

“Read this book! The lessons provided by Solomon and Blumberg on the impact 10x-ers are having on businesses and employees are spot on and shine a light on where businesses need to focus.”
—Tom Poleman, Chief Programming Officer, President of National Programming Group at iHeartMedia

"Game Changer is a must-read for leaders seeking actionable tools for empowering team members, unlocking their fullest potentials, and achieving 10x the results."
—Daniel Lubetsky, Founder and Executive Chairman of KIND Snacks

“With a unique perspective formed by representing artists like me, and subsequently adding tech talent to the mix, Blumberg and Solomon make a convincing argument in Game Changer for what it’s going to take for companies and individuals to maintain a successful business model in an increasingly automated future.”
—Vanessa Carlton, Grammy Nominated Musician, Actor, and Social Activist

"In order to survive the changing business landscape, companies must rethink how they attract and retain their critical talent. The old rules no longer apply if you want to stay competitive. Game Changer is a unique view into how to be a forward thinker and how to apply different tactics to survive and thrive in the new talent economy.” 

—Jenny Galluzzo, Co-founder of The Second Shift

About the Authors: Michael Solomon and Rishon Blumberg

The authors know firsthand about talent. Michael Solomon and Rishon Blumberg cut their talent-management teeth in the music business, with Grammy-winning clients including John Mayer. When tech started to eat the music business, they decided to reapply their expertise to an industry with high demand and short supply of exceptional talent. They founded 10x Management, a first-of-its kind talent agency that matches cream of the crop tech talent with companies ranging from fledgling startups to global titans like IBM, Verizon, BMW, Amex, and Google. The disruptive impact of their business model caught the attention of virtually every major publication, domestic and abroad, and landed them features in The New Yorker, The Economist and BBC, among others.

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Game Changer book cover by Michael Solomon and Rishon Blumberg

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Available September 22, 2020

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