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Bestselling author and renowned innovation expert Simone Ahuja reveals the secret to winning in a "disrupt or be disrupted" market: innovate from within.

Today, driving innovation from within an organization is the single most important factor for a company's success. In Disrupt-It-Yourself, Simone Ahuja delivers a clear and practical playbook for harnessing and cultivating this essential practice of "intrapreneurship." Based on hundreds of interviews as well as on her consulting work in Fortune 500 companies, Ahuja describes the competencies of successful intrapreneurs, and how they must be supported... before they leave. At the core of Disrupt-It-Yourself are eight ready-to-implement principles to build, support, and sustain effective intrapreneurship–from "Keep it Frugal" to "Make It Permission-less"–along with clear metrics that will make innovating from within sustainable.

Through a combination of clear prescription and engaging anecdotes, Disrupt-It-Yourself offers practical lessons to leaders and managers in business, nonprofits, and government. By providing readers with a new lens for innovation and leadership, this revolutionary new book helps companies and organizations become more fast, fluid–and frugal than ever before.


“Ahuja shows managers and leaders how to nurture and support innovators on the inside, giving them a safe space for bold innovation, even in highly regulated industries. Disurpt-It-Yourself is sure to become the new mantra for innovative organizations everywhere!”

—Stephanie Hammes-Betti, Senior Vice President, Innovation Design, U.S. Bank

“Based on new research and practical experience, this highly readable guide shows leaders how to identify and engage the undercover innovators inside organizations to create real value for customers. This is a significant contribution to innovation ideation and execution—one you can put into practice immediately.” 

—Julie Guggemos, Senior Vice President, Product Design and Development, Target

“Disruption may be inevitable, but it doesn’t need to be destructive. This practical, masterful approach guides large organizations to be agile by building a safe place for innovative ideas, staying close to customers and supporting the intrapreneurs who create breakthrough solutions.”

—Asheesh Saksena, Chief Strategic Growth Officer, Best Buy

Disrupt-It-Yourself gives an eye-opening overview and insightful guidance on how to enable intrapreneurship, leveraging new ways for collaboration and enabling creativity that lead to meaningful and sustainable innovation.”

—Eric Quint, Vice President and Chief Design Officer, 3M Company

“Change is happening at such a pace that many organizations will simply not survive in the long run. That is, unless they follow this essential guide for leading fast and focused innovation. A must-read.”

—Greg McKeown, author of the New York Times bestseller Essentialism

“Maintaining a startup culture in large organizations is as paramount to success as nurturing the core business. Disrupt-It-Yourself presents a playbook to guide large firms to create a balance of both—freedom and agility along with guidance and guardrails—so innovation can flourish with the discipline it needs to become sustainable. Don’t miss out on this urgent and timely guide.”

—Yazdi Bagli, Senior Vice President, Global Business Services, Walmart

Disrupt-It-Yourself engages leaders to create and unleash ‘communities of innovation’ as a powerful antidote to the ‘business as usual’ ways of working that hold organizations back from sustainable growth. An essential read for forward-looking leaders and organizations.”

—Tom Beauregard, Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, UnitedHealth Group


Dr. Simone Ahuja--strategist, bestselling author, speaker, and entrepreneur--is the CEO of Blood Orange, a consulting company that supports innovation and intrapreneurship from idea through execution. Simone co-authored the international bestseller, Jugaad Innovation, called “one of the most comprehensive books yet” on the subject of frugal innovation by The Economist. Simone has advised dozens of Fortune 500 companies, and her work has been featured in top media outlets, such as Fast Company, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Strategy + Business, Entrepreneur, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Business Week, The Economist, and Economic Times. She is an advisor to MIT's Practical Impact Alliance and regularly contributes to Harvard Business Review. Simone and her family live in Minneapolis, USA.


Today, driving innovation from within an organization is the single most important factor for a company's success.

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