Creating Sales Stars

Are you working with millenials who crave feedback, flexibility, and opportunities to grow? This frank and incisive book will show you how to give them what they need while achieving the results you want.

  • Create a back bench of future sales leaders
  • Fire them up and keep them focused on sales
  • Learn how to establish a fun, meaningful environment
  • Train them and retain them
  • Apply the right pressure
  • Teach without preaching
  • Ensure they feel valued
  • Mine their tech savvy skills



Everyone knows about the business potential represented by the huge millennial age group. But how do you manage the next generation millennial sales force required to reach this gigantic market? 

Meet your new sales force: They love collaboration, live and breathe technology, and happily bring assignments home. They also show up late, resist authority, text their friends in meetings, and job hop like there’s no tomorrow.

You can bark orders all you want, but it won’t work with millennials. To get great sales results, you need to let go of old school approaches and learn to speak their language.

Creating Sales Stars is your field guide to managing today’s emerging sales professionals. Packed with generational insights and surefire strategies. Gain the tools and strategies to turn these millenials into ultimate sales stars!



Steve Schiffman

Stephan Schiffman has trained more than half a million salespeople at a wide range of corporations, including IBM, AT&T, Motorola, Sprint, and Cigna. A popular speaker, he is the author of numerous bestselling books with eight million in print, including The 25 Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople.

Gary M. Krebs

Gary M. Krebs(Fairfield, CT), founder of GMK Writing and Editing, Inc., is a writer, literary agent, and longtime business book publisher who has managed large teams. He is coauthor of Greg S. Reid’s The Wealth Hackers. He recently completed his novel, Little Miss of Darke County: The Secret Origins of Annie Oakley.



“Stephan Schiffman is always focused on results and the steps needed to achieve them. We operate in very competitive markets, and his ideas, insights, and techniques are both ageless and dynamic. This book is sure to help you adapt to a new and ever-changing world.”

— Bob Johnson, CEO and founder, Kaffe Magnum Opus

“Schiffman gives you the tools you need to break through to the Millennials in your organization, who do have a different mindset from past generations. Schiffman’s clear and concise guidance in Creating Sales Stars provides the answer on how to get this group of people to thrive in your organization.”

Josh Sanders, Vice President, Sea Breeze

“Schiffman and Krebs do a masterful job of turning timeless principles into specific tools to enable salespeople to sell. Treat people with respect, listen, show empathy, personalize relationships, communicate, and make others better—all are translated into proven techniques that will create sales stars. Wonderful ideas not just for Millennials and salespeople, but for all of us wanting to make a difference.”

— Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan; partner, The RBL Group; and author of Victory Through Organization and The Why of Work

“Schiffman’s book unlocks the secrets for managing the new sales force. He provides the steps needed to achieve positive results from any sales team— especially the incoming generation.”

J. Peter Benet, CFP®, CLU, owner, Benet Financial Services

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