06 May

Can I read my e-books Offline?

Can I read my e-books Offline?
Can I read my e-books offline?

Of course!

Now that your e-book is available to read on the Glose reading service, you can totally read it later—anytime, anywhere, through your Glose account. And you don’t even have to download them! The only time you need to be online is when you first download an e-book you want to read.

You can download Glose by visiting one of these links on your device:

Then, choose the e-book you like when you are online, and make sure you download it on your app before you go offline. Once the e-book is downloaded in your app, you can read it offline, anytime, anywhere.

If you want to purchase a book, make sure you do it on our website here https://glose.com/bookstore. Everything your purchase will be downloaded to your Glose app. Make sure your e-book is fully downloaded in the app and now you can read it when you want offline!

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