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smarter, win over more people, and earn influence as a thought leader

Learn eight strategies from psychology and neuroscience for energizing your writing, engaging readers, and breaking out with influence.

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Writing for Impact

8 Secrets from Science That Will Fire Up Your Readers’ Brains

What good will it do to skillfully craft a written argument if you lose your audience? Simple emails, formal reports, blogs, presentations, articles—they need punch to gain influence. Clear structure and logic alone won’t do. To engage readers, you need to make mentally stimulating choices in language—choices that electrify your readers’ mental hotspots.

Veteran journalist Bill Birchard reveals the secret of making that happen. He blends the findings from a global cadre of psychologists and neuroscientists with lessons from his long, successful career as a professional writer. In Writing for Impact, he details eight potent writing strategies, based on the latest scientific breakthroughs, to give you the power to write faster, win over more people, and earn influence as a thought leader.

Bill Birchard



Writing for Impact

“This might well be the most useful book on writing that has been published since C.S. Lewis or Strunk & White!”


Former Assistant US Secretary of State; CEO, EverWatch; CEO, Sotera Defense Solutions

“Birchard is a word wizard. He improved my writings immensely.”


Professor Emeritus, Dartmouth College, Tuck School of Business; Thinkers50 Hall of Fame

“Science can make you a better writer. Who knew? Bill Birchard distills proven insights from scientific literature into simple, practical writing advice. Imagine emails that appeal to your readers’ primal motivations . . .”


Cofounder and Managing Director, Ulu Ventures

Audiobook version of Writing for Impact

your readers with scientifically proven writing strategies

Paperback version of Writing for Impact

Bill Birchard

Bill Birchard is a veteran journalist in business, management, the environment, and social responsibility. He coaches authors in book development and writing. His work as a coach and journalist has appeared in 15 books and magazines including Fast Company, CFO, Strategy+Business, and Enterprise.