The 8 Financial Questions to Discuss with Your Partner

Talk Money to Me

The 8 Essential Financial Questions to Discuss With Your Partner

Everyone talks about the pillars of a healthy relationship: Compatibility, chemistry, honesty, loyalty, and respect, but too many overlook one of the most critical pillars…finances! Many cohabitating Americans feel uncomfortable discussing finances with their partner. This is a huge problem because arguments about money are the second leading cause for divorce, right behind infidelity!

In this practical and no-holds-barred follow-up to his Wall Street Journal bestselling book The Restart Roadmap, host of the Trading Secrets podcast Jason Tartick will teach you the eight numbers you need to discuss with your partner and why. From investing, managing cash flows, emergency funds to credit scores, Tartick will help you gain a comprehensive view of your and your partner's financial compatibility by talking you through how to:

  • Get comfortable starting the money conversations with your partner and loved ones.
  • Learn the most important financial tricks, tactics, and technology to improve money habits.
  • Calculate and manage the eight figures that will critically impact your financial wellbeing.
    Create independent and joint spending, saving, and investing strategies as a team.
  • Understand the potential repercussions of financial infidelity and deception.

Net worth is not self-worth. Whether you're making six figures or deep in debt, being open about your finances and coming up with a plan of action together is the best way to ensure a healthy, lasting relationship.

Jason Tartick


Jason Tartick


Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author

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"We're going to walk through all the numbers you can't ignore about yourself and your partner. You'll discover how to have conversations in a healthy, nonweaponizing way, helping prepare your financial future together."

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Jason Tartick is a Wall Street JournaI best selling author, the host of Apple's chart topping business podcast Trading Secrets, co-founder of Rewired Talent Management (RTM), entrepreneur, investor, and speaker. Jason worked for nearly ten years in banking, earned his MBA in accounting and finance, and executed over $150,000,000 in lending transactions before taking a career detour into reality television. He is most known from his time spent as a contestant on ABC's The Bachelorette.