Hardcover and audiobook of I Hope You Fail

Turn your failures into your biggest

Pinky Cole, founder of the wildly successful restaurant chain Slutty Vegan, takes you back to your moments that seemed hopeless to help you discover how filled with possibility they really were.

I Hope You Fail

Ten Hater statements holding you back from getting everything you want

We've all been told we can't do it. That we're not enough. That we grew up in the wrong neighborhood or had the wrong parents or made the wrong choices. That we can't be anything but a failure. . . What they don't tell you is that every obstacle and mess-up in your life has only prepared you for success.

Pinky has spent her life dreaming of financial security. After a fire destroyed the New York City restaurant she put everything into building, she was back to square one, working hard for someone else's dream. Her life has been a series of lessons that have given her the tools to build a business that drew the attention of some of the world's top investors.

In I Hope You Fail, Pinky tells her own story to empower you in yours. She'll share her ten counter-intuitive hopes for you, including:

  • hope you don't believe in yourself. . . because the journey to discovering who you truly are is the key to unlocking the life you want.
  • hope you don't get that raise. . . because money doesn't equal respect, but it can show you how much you are truly valued at work.
  • hope the customers don't show up. . . so you can have the feedback you need to reevaluate your approach and find one that works.

Filled with practical advice and motivational gut-punches, I Hope You Fail will teach you how to learn from your WTF moments and find fuel in your losses.

Pinky Cole


Pinky Cole


Founder and owner of Slutty Vegan

I Hope You Fail

Audiobook of I Hope You Fail

"I hope you get it all wrong and have to start over again. Because when you that's when you're about to win."

Hardcover of I Hope You Fail
Pinky Cole

Pinky Cole

Pinky Cole is an American restauranteur. She is the owner and operator of Slutty Vegan, a plant-based burger restaurant chain in Atlanta, GA. In July 2018, Cole was inspired to create a vegan restaurant due to her own cravings for junk food. She came up with the name Slutty Vegan as a provocative hook. In 2018 she sold her first vegan burgers through delivery apps and opened a food truck in September of that year. In January 2019, she opened the first Slutty Vegan brick and mortar restaurant. The restaurant is known for its long lines with hours-long waits. She has opened many other locations since and gained the attention of restaurant investor Danny Meyer, who has invested in taking her chain national.