14 April

BookClub Inc and HarperCollins Leadership Partner to Empower Teams and Individuals for Success

HarperCollins Leadership has joined forces with BookClub, a learning platform built for teams that up-levels their organization’s performance. HCL and BookClub will work together to develop custom learning solutions that address the unique needs of corporate, nonprofit, small business, and other teams, such as:

  • agility and transformation
  • managerial skills of the future
  • developing a growth mindset
  • and many more.

Studies show that most learning and development initiatives fall short because organizations fail to cultivate seeds of learning. But companies that work with BookClub, now infused with thought leadership from HCL authors, provide actionable learning resources that facilitate candid conversation and intra-company connections, thereby helping employees perform their jobs better and increasing overall business efficiency. No longer will a book gifted by a company simply sit on the shelf or, even worse, get read but not put into action.

BookClub’s learning resources—plus new options like live speaking events and Q&A with HCL authors—provide companies with action plans to achieve their full potential and drive success throughout their organizations.

You can read the press release about our partnership here.

Learn more about working with BookClub for your organization here.