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Everyone wishes they could look back on 2020 and say they found their passion, accomplished something new and amazing at work, got fit, reconnected with kids, or even started a side hustle.

The problem is that most of us got worn out, understandably so, by the extreme difficulties of the previous year. We want a better 2021, but how?

Going blind as a teenager, Chad Foster knows about overcoming struggle. In fact, its become his life mission to inspire others to turn obstacles into advantages, just as he faced his blindness.

By joining the Blind Ambition Community, you'll get free digital access to Chad's new book Blind Ambition: How to Go From Victim to Visionary, plus exclusive bonus material from the book and a Facebook group with Chad and other readers.

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Once you dive in, you'll learn how to find new possibilities where you may once may have only seen obstacles.

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How this Group Helps You Professionally

Chad Foster works at Red Hat, one of the most innovative tech companies and the world’s largest open source software company (recently purchased by IBM for $34 billion). He's also given millions of people the ability to earn a living by becoming the first to create a customer relationship software for the visually impaired. 

As a part of the Blind Ambition Community, you'll learn from Chad and his stories on job interviews, handling meetings, recognizing your worth, and leading in the most challenging circumstances. You'll also have the opportunity to network with fellow community members across the globe.

Inspirational Stories Plus Practical Exercises to Help You Succeed

“This is it,” I said to myself. This was what the doctors predicted. The blindness that had been closing in on me slowly since I was a small child had arrived. I was struck with the disturbing realization that very soon I would be reading my last page of print. 

I’d see my last smiling face. I’d scribble my last note. I’d watch my final football game. I’d enjoy my final sunset. All the gifts that vision grants us would soon be lost to me forever.

I looked around the room and could barely make out the details of my wall decorations. I mostly saw only hazy regions of light and dark, blurred by the tears that were filling my eyes.

Life as I’d known it was coming to an end. I was completely unprepared for what would come next…


Your struggles may be different, but Chad's story of turning his disadvantage of blindness into a powerful strength can help you navigate the unique challenges life has thrown at you too.

You'll also have access to a variety of resiliency exercises to put the lessons into practice in your own life.

Don't do it alone! You can get guidance from Chad plus fellow members in the Blind Ambition Community.

Be a Part of the Book Launch

If you love sharing encouraging messages, you'll love being a part of this community to help launch the book.

You'll be asked to post about the book on your social media and leave your review on Amazon and Goodreads.

Plus you'll get early access to the book and exclusive behind-the-scenes bonus content.