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Devon Kennard

It didn't take long for Baltimore Ravens linebacker Devon Kennard to realize football wasn't going to last forever.

Over the last decade, Kennard, who recently turned 31, has developed into a savvy real estate investor, amassing a multimillion-dollar portfolio that he says has averaged an impressive 8% to 12% return. By funneling his time, effort and money into ensuring he never becomes another statistic, Kennard has obtained the financial security and independence he so adamantly sought and has effectively taken control of his family's financial future.

For now, Kennard is maintaining his financial strategies while focusing on his on-field play. He's succeeded in a way many other players have not, securing his future and preserving the generational wealth he has accumulated while playing football. Football isn’t going to last forever, and when it does come to an end, Kennard will be ready.

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