Run With the Bulls Without Getting Trampled

The Qualities You Need to Stay Out of Harm's Way and Thrive at Work

by Tim Irwin

On Sale: February 10, 2015

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Book Summary

How can you grow to your fullest potential and become someone who spends your years until retirement working for meaning, not money?

About the Book

By some estimates, we will spend over 100,000 hours at work during our lifetime. With more than half of our waking hours revolving around work, our means of producing a paycheck has become one of the most dominant dimensions of our lives, absorbing a huge commitment of our life energies.Unfortunately for so many, our work is not what we relish but rather a major source of pain. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to say at the end of our lives, “My work was worth it--the challenges, the hardships, and the rewards. I invested those years well. I made a difference”? How can we learn to work this way?In Run With the Bulls Without Getting Trampled, veteran corporate psychologist Tim Irwin presents the distilled essence of what makes some succeed and others derail in the workplace. Using compelling real-life stories to launch each chapter, not only is Irwin transparent with the lessons he has learned from his own experiences, but he also shares the invaluable insights and principles he has gathered from thousands of interviews with senior executives.Featuring Irwin’s seven critical success factors as well as six common career derailers, this hard-hitting but entertaining book is your guide to finding lasting fulfillment in your career. After all, you are investing so much into your job. Shouldn’t it also be investing in you?

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  • On Sale: February 10, 2015
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