The X and Y of Buy

Sell More and Market Better by Knowing How the Sexes Shop (NelsonFree)

by Elizabeth Pace

On Sale: March 29, 2010

Price: $14.99

Book Summary

Men and women are wired to shop and buy differently, and smart business people not only know it--they know just how to put it to use every day. Learn how to crack the gender code to exponentially increase your sales.

About the Book

With wit, deep insight, and plenty of humor gained from her observations of male and female purchasing patterns over the years, veteran branding, marketing, and salesperson Elizabeth Pace shows readers how to increase their revenue and sell more effectively. Pace explains that you don’t need to memorize complicated customer behavioral patterns or try to profile every individual client to know how to sell. The key, she says, can be found in the differences between genders. Based on the author’s own fascination with what makes customers tick as well as neuroscience and MRI studies on the different stimuli men’s and women’s brains respond to, The X and Y of Buy teaches readers how to become sales chameleons--able to adopt successful sales strategies when communicating uniquely with men and women.The decision to buy is based on what captures your prospects’ attention, ignites their emotion, and provides value. Department stores know how to appeal to men’s easy-in, easy-out shopping patterns while also appealing to women’s preference for a more complex, sensory shopping experience. Consider the placement of men’s suits, right up front by a door, versus women’s, interwoven with a treasure trove of other must-have items. As a salesperson, you have similar tools and tactics at your disposal. While not all men and women are the same, this must-read for salespeople at all levels of business reveals how appealing to the different things men and women crave can increase your effectiveness with the vast majority of your gender-target market.

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  • On Sale: March 29, 2010
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