Eight Ways to Hack a Better Business---Before the Competition Does

by Simone Bhan Ahuja, James M. Loree

On Sale: January 29, 2019

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Book Summary

Bestselling author and renowned innovation expert Simone Ahuja reveals the secret to winning in a 'disrupt or be disrupted' market: innovate from within.

About the Book

Discover eight dynamic principles to help innovation flourish from within.


The shelf life of well-established companies keeps shrinking as new entrants replace old ones in rapid succession. Even brands that seemed invincible only a few years ago are in danger of being disrupted by fast-moving startups. In this unprecedented environment, how can any business stay ahead of the market?


Companies can no longer assume innovation will “just happen”—it must be seeded, grown, and successfully harvested. They must disrupt themselves.


In Disrupt-It-Yourself, bestselling author and innovation expert Simone Ahuja guides readers through the DIY (Disrupt-It-Yourself) system that will sustain innovation and retain DIYers, the employees—or intrapreneurs—most committed to solving the problems of the future, even if it means moving far beyond “business as usual.”


Based on her experience working with Fortune 500 companies and extensive research, Ahuja identifies the intrapreneurial archetype and presents eight new principles to foster a DIY mindset and action plan. In a clear, concise style with expert advice and real-world examples, this book

  • provides a new lens to help companies become faster and more fluid,
  • offers easy options to tailor the system to each company’s unique circumstances, and
  • presents strategic lessons—from Keep It Frugal to Make It Permission-less—that open up the full spectrum of innovation and make it sustainable.

Using the DIY approach, organizations can build their ability to innovate and create an approach for growth that harnesses the creativity and knowledge of employees at every level.

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