Be the Unicorn

12 Data-Driven Habits that Separate the Best Leaders from the Rest

by William Vanderbloemen, John C. Maxwell

On Sale: November 14, 2023

Price: $29.99

Book Summary

Learn the essential life skills needed to stand out in an increasingly noisy and competitive world in this groundbreaking new book backed by proprietary research.

About the Book

“This book is one of the most worthwhile and immediately usable reads I have come across in a long time.” –Kiplinger

Want to stand out from the crowd? We have studied 30,000 top leaders and have discovered the 12 habits they share that make them as rare as a unicorn. Learn these habits, and you’ll be one of the best at whatever you do!

How do I stand out? How do I become irreplaceable? With a crowded workforce, an unstable job landscape, and the rise of AI, these questions are the ones that everyone either is or should be asking.

William Vanderbloemen has asked these questions over the past 15 years while running one of the world’s top executive search firms. Through extensive research of over 30,000 top leaders and proprietary data, Vanderbloemen has identified the 12 habits that the best of the best have in common. Traits such as authenticity, responsiveness, agility, and the ability to problem solve, among others.

Each habit includes information on What We Know (the hard data behind why the habit is so transformative), What We’ve Seen (first-hand accounts by high-achieving professionals on how they live the habit), and What We Do (simple ways to build this habit into your daily routine).  Be the Unicorn will help you:

  • Discover the top twelve soft skills the most successful leaders, the top 1%, have. 
  • Understand how to develop these soft skills in your own life for better job success. 
  • Learn how to apply soft skills to interpersonal relationships outside of work. 
  • Understand how these soft skills can be applied in different work environments and job fields, especially with the rise of AI technology.


'In this book, my friend William Vanderbloemen has not only studied successful people, he has unlocked the teachable habits they practice that make them successful. That means for you, this isn't just a book of case studies. You're holding a manual for becoming unusually successful--as unusual as a mythical unicorn. It's a manual based on hard data that unlocks the way you can become mythically valuable. Successful. Irreplaceable. He will teach you, as he puts it, how to become a unicorn.'

'What makes a great leader? No one is more uniquely qualified to answer this question than William Vanderbloeman. He is to leaders what a scout is to a baseball franchise--ever in the hunt for the right player. William and his team have honed the skill of the search and have kindly shared their skill with us. I am thrilled to recommend this book.'

'Whether you're a job seeker or an employer seeking exceptional staff, Be The Unicorn is indispensable. So grateful to William for synthesizing years of data down to the most essential characteristics of successful hires.'

'My friend William has done it again. In this data-driven guide from decades of experience, he clearly outlines real-world keys to leading. I love reading people who actually do things versus theory. This book is a gem, don't miss it.'

'No one is better at spotting and placing the 'best of the best' than William Vanderbloemen. In his new book, Be the Unicorn, William unpacks the 12 data-driven habits that separate the best leaders from the rest of the pack. His in-depth research mingled with years of experience creates the perfect guide to recognize the people you're looking for as well as to take your leadership to the next level. Grab a copy for everyone on your team and get ready to grow with the best.'

'Nobody wants to hire the wrong person, especially the wrong senior pastor or senior leader. But it happens all the time. With Be the Unicorn, William Vanderbloemen takes the mystery out of great hiring. By the way, it will also help you become a better leader.'

'William Vanderbloemen was an early adopter of Hubspot in part because he believes data can drive results. In his research for Be The Unicorn, he has uncovered the data that will help you stand out of the crowd and become irreplaceable.'

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