The 8 Laws of Customer-Focused Leadership

New Rules for Building A Business Around Today’s Customer

by Blake Morgan, Blake Morgan

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The Customer-Focused Leader will show leaders of all kinds how to transform their business to one that wholly focused on the customer.

About the Book

Read by the author.

A leadership playbook for making customer experience a core aspect of your business.

In a rapidly changing world filled with uncertainties, one thing remains crystal clear: customers are increasingly fickle and no longer care about loyalty to any particular company. In addition, many well-intentioned companies are falling short of customer expectations, despite every organization’s potential for excellence. The truth is customer experience is not what it used to be. New technologies, values, generational expectations, economic instability, - and the rapid pace of change all must be considered as you forge ahead. How do you put the customer first in the face of all these emerging trends?

Using cutting-edge research and interviewing top leaders across industries, customer experience futurist Blake Morgan has pulled together eight new laws that the best companies follow in terms of building and maintaining a focus on the customer. Customer experience is a decision leaders must make every day, and this book shows you how:

  1. C.reate a customer experience mindset.
  2. eX.ceed longterm profit expectations by focusing on both short term and long term profits.
  3. L.ay out your customer experience strategy creation and stick to it.
  4. E.mbark on your 90 day get started plan.
  5. A.nticipate the future by being a customer experience futurist.
  6. D.on’t forget that employees are customers too.
  7. E.valuate success and measure what can be measured.
  8. R.eaffirm the priority - keep CX front and center.


Learn the laws, see how the best companies apply them, and build them into your organization to become a transformational customer experience leader!

Graphics, charts, and exercises from the printed text can be found in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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