The ROI of LOL

How Laughter Breaks Down Walls, Drives Compelling Storytelling, and Creates a Healthy Workplace

by Steve Cody, Clayton Fletcher

On Sale: October 17, 2023

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Book Summary

Laughter is a powerful remedy to what ails today’s teams and organizations.

About the Book

Laughter is a powerful remedy to what ails today’s teams and organizations.

There are a host of neuroscientific explanations for why laughter makes us feel so great. Laughter triggers "feel good" chemicals in the brain which activate opiate receptors throughout your body and mind. Creating a workplace culture in which laughter is not only allowed but expected is an important step in building the trust, openness, authenticity, storytelling, and teamwork (TOAST) that are essential to any healthy collaborative environment. It also has a role in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion—as explained in a special afterword from Malcolm Frierson, PhD, Loyola Marymount University on the role of comedy in DEI training.

What all this means for your business is that by harnessing the prodigious power of your own unique individual sense of humor (and empowering your employees to do the same), you can increase morale, collaboration, communication, and productivity. You can find new and unexpected ways to connect with your external stakeholders. And you can have fun doing it.

  • Learn the role laughter plays in the five critical elements of a strong corporate culture: Trust, Openness, Authenticity, Storytelling, and Teamwork.
  • Understand how the skills learned by stand-up comics like reading a room, being vulnerable or self-deprecating, listening, and overcoming objections are critical to leaders in today’s business climate.
  • See how improv fosters teamwork and can be a unifying force in any organization.
  • Gain insights into how other kinds of comedy like sketch comedy and creative collaboration can be applied in a business setting to build critical skill sets.


'Comedians tell stories and jokes based on truth and this timely book reminds business leaders not to take ourselves too seriously while finding the humanity (and hilarity) in how we do our daily work.'

'At the heart of good communication is wit and wisdom -- and at its best a good laugh. In these contentious days a little levity can go a long way creating a more caring and open workplace. Steve Cody and Clayton Fletcher remind us of that fact and show us how.'

'Clayton Fletcher is an outstanding comedian and teacher. I cannot think of anyone better suited to teach you how to make your home or workplace funnier and happier.'

'Laughter is good for the soul and business! This remarkable book illustrates how humor can improve morale, strengthen team cultures and relationships, as well as spark creativity in organizations.'

'Indulge in the laughter, embrace the lessons, and embark on a profound leadership transformation. Steve and Clay have gifted us with a book that is timely, thought-provoking, and a catalyst for positive change.'

'The geniuses of comedy! Cody and Fletcher share hilarious stories and evidence-based insights of turnkey techniques--based on stand-up, improv, and sketch comedy--to demonstrate the power and desperate need of fusing humor into the workplace to strengthen leaders and organizational outcomes. I loved the book. However, it is missing the 'Top 10 list of funny leaders' of which I would expect top billing.'

'Steve and Clayton's engaging new guide to the use of humor in the workplace shines a light on how comedy is conducive to empathetic leadership, engaged employees, and better communications. I, for one, am sold on the power that humor can have in business!'

'Steve Cody understands the profound power of humor in building human connections in business. Steve's a funny guy, and he applies that talent in a purpose-driven way: to forge meaningful relationships with employees, customers, industry leaders and others who are essential to his company's business. His humor creates stronger bonds; he never chases a laugh at others' expense. I guarantee a strong ROI if you invest the time to read this book and see the magic come to life.'

'Steve has done a great service for workplaces by reminding us of the value that humor brings to work. It defuses tensions, enhances teamwork and often makes new perspectives possible to hear. He'll inspire many to see work and levity in a new light.'

'These master storytellers have written a much-needed business book that is as practical as it is entertaining. The ROI of LOL is must-read for all leaders looking to reimagine how they develop new products, become more strategic, leverage conflict, and create enviable cultures.'

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