I Hope You Fail

Ten Hater Statements Holding You Back from Getting Everything You Want

by Pinky Cole

On Sale: 10/10/2023

Price: $29.99

Book Summary

Learn how SluttyVegan’s founder, Pinky Cole, became the most-successful vegan restauranteur in the world. Her story will inspire readers to keep chasing their entrepreneurial dreams despite years of setbacks.

About the Book

Founder of Slutty Vegan, Pinky Cole has spent her life dreaming of financial security. After a fire destroyed the New York City restaurant she put everything into building, she was back to square one, working hard for someone else’s dream. Her life has been a series of lessons that have given her the tools to build a business that drew the attention of some of the world’s top investors.

Pinky’s failures have driven her successes. In these pages, you will gain inspiration from her story. The lessons she describes will have you turning failure into opportunities for success. This book includes Pinky’s hopes for you:

  • I hope you make a decision that can ruin your life, because you may need to come close to losing everything to truly see the path you need to stay on to reach success.
  • I hope you don’t get that raise, because money doesn’t equal respect, but it can show you how much you are truly valued at work.
  • I hope your business burns down, because it’s from those ashes you can build a new dream, one that is even stronger than the first.
  • I hope the customers don’t show up so you can have the feedback you need to reevaluate your approach and find one that works.
  • And, much more.

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