Handbook for Strategic HR

Best Practices in Organization Development from the OD Network

by John Vogelsang PhD, Maya Townsend, Matt Minahan, David Jamieson, Judy Vogel, Annie Viets, Cathy Royal, Lynne Valek

On Sale: May 17, 2022

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Book Summary

The role of human resources is no longer limited to hiring, managing compensation, and ensuring compliance. Learn the skills HR professionals need to become key partners in leading their organizations.

About the Book

This forward-thinking book introduces HR leaders to core organization development strategies and skills--providing creative approaches, practical tips, and proven methods to help them succeed.

Since the 1990s, a transformation has occurred within the role of human resources departments. HR professionals are being called upon to help determine priorities in running the business, craft organizational development strategies, and shape the culture within their company.

Through a compendium of the best thinking on the subject, you’ll learn how to strategically: 

  • identify where best to foster change in the organization,
  • team up with consultants and senior-level staff in leading a change project,
  • improve employee engagement,
  • include others in the important work of the organization,
  • and operate effectively in cross-cultural and virtual working situations.

Comprehensive and practical, Handbook for Strategic HR includes 78 articles that will enable you see the big picture roles and responsibilities of human resource professionals today. Best of all, this book is approved for HRCI Recertification Credit--helping you to advance your career in numerous tangible ways.

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