The Art of Leading by Looking Ahead

by Rob-Jan Jong

On Sale: 09/06/2022

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Book Summary

Anyone can develop the vision required to be a true leader. You just need to learn how.

About the Book

This helpful book explains how anyone can develop in themselves a visionary leadership. 

Most leaders today have not developed the visionary capacity necessary to look ahead and explore strategic futures. Or at least their so-called vision is not one that compels, inspires, and energizes their people. Vision may sound like a rare quality, attainable by only a select few--but nothing could be further from the truth.

Strategy and leadership expert Rob-Jan de Jong describes how it simply boils down to sharpening two key skills: 1) the ability to see things early, and 2) the power to connect the dots. Using the author’s trademarked FuturePriming process, which helps distinguish signal from noise, readers geared toward fine-tuning these two essential skills will discover how to:

  • Tap into their imagination and open themselves up to the unconventional
  • Become better at seeing things early
  • Frame the big-picture view that provides direction for the future
  • Communicate your vision in a way that engages others and provokes action

When you can anticipate change before your competitors, you create enormous strategic advantage. That's what visionaries do, and now so can you.

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