It All Adds Up

Designing Your Game Plan for Financial Success

by Devon Kennard, Devon Kennard

On Sale: April 18, 2023

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Book Summary

Money is Everything is the digestible guide to outsmarting the limitations of tradition and blazing your own trail to freedom. Devon Kennard grants access to his master plan for financial freedom to encourage the black community to build wealth for today and future generations.

About the Book

Read by the author.

Gain access to the ultimate playbook to help you win at your financial game.

Money is a game of survival, and you can’t get ahead with the outdated playbook of the American Dream. Don’t let rising debt, stagnant wages, and increased inflation make it impossible to create financial stability. Create investment opportunities to build lasting wealth, and design the lifestyle of financial freedom that you and your loved ones have always dreamed of.

NFL linebacker, investor, and philanthropist Devon Kennard is winning the financial game off the field, with proven strategies to generate income that will support him and his family long after he is playing in the stadium. In this book, Devon provides clear guidance and practical tools to help you create your money success story. You will learn how to:


  • Transform your passions into ideas that earn passive income.
  • Get into the real estate game and learn different investment methods.
  • Cultivate a positive, wealth-building mindset to overcome financial fears and withstand setbacks.
  • Network and create your team to help you reach your money goals.
  • Include philanthropy and charitable works as part of your wealth legacy.


At last, you have the ultimate game plan to create a version of the American Dream that works on your terms and builds lasting wealth for you and your family.

Photos, graphics, and the appendix are included in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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  • On Sale: April 18, 2023
  • List Price: $21.99
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