Purpose and Profit

How Business Can Lift Up the World

by George Serafeim

On Sale: August 9, 2022

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Book Summary

The roadmap and best practices to reap the enormous value that can emerge when your businesses prioritizes social and environmental goals---such as climate change, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability---right alongside the pursuit of profit.

About the Book

Are purpose and profit in conflict, or can both be achieved simultaneously with the right mindset and tools?

What are the forces that are reshaping the relationship between the two? What can we all do to strengthen the relationship between purpose and profit as entrepreneurs, managers, employees, consumers, and investors? Backed by cutting-edge research, Purpose and Profit provides answers to these fundamental questions that are increasingly defining the business landscape all around the world. Distinguished Harvard Business School Professor George Serafeim takes readers on a research-driven journey to understand:

  • How and why environmental and social issues are becoming increasingly relevant for organizations worldwide;
  • The ways that companies can design and implement strategies that generate greater impact;
  • The six archetypes of value creation enabled by these new trends;
  • The role of investors in driving greater recognition of ESG issues; and
  • How we can all look at the choices we make and careers we pursue in a way that maximizes purpose and profit in our own lives.

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