The Restart Roadmap

Rewire and Reset Your Career

by Jason Tartick

On Sale: April 5, 2022

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Book Summary

Take back control of your happiness and fulfillment with a monumental restart in your career. Jason Tartick, a fan favorite as a top-three contestant on The Bachelor turned motivational business speaker and coach, shares clear action steps to define and reach your vision of financial, professional, and emotional success.

About the Book


Take control of your happiness and fulfillment with a monumental restart in your career.

It’s never too late to redefine yourself and your priorities. In this guide to changing your career and your life, Jason Tartick, a motivational business speaker, investment banker, life coach and host of “Trading Secrets” podcast, shares clear action steps to help you define and achieve your vision of financial, professional, and emotional success.

If you’re feeling lost in your pursuit of finding happiness within yourself, your career, or your personal life, The Restart Roadmap is perfect for you. This book will help you:

  • Evaluate your life and identify the questions you should be asking yourself.
  • Drown out the voices that pushed you in the wrong direction and redefine what success means for you.
  • Understand the downside of following the path society and those around you believe you should, rather than the path that is truly right for you.
  • Pinpoint the steps you need to follow to take control of your own happiness and fulfillment.

This guide will restart your approach to success - one that aligns your mind, drive, and passion and leads to the ultimate fulfillment you seek.


'Like any entrepreneur, my life has been full of stops and starts and being able to reset and restart has been a key to finding success. You'll love how Jason deconstruct things and gives this easy-to-follow roadmap.'

'The real estate industry is full of restarts. This roadmap is one all professionals can benefit from.'

'Changing Career Paths is not a failure. Being be bold enough to recognize things that don't serve you, and brave enough to change it takes guts! I love that Jason is helping give people helpful tools to do just that.'

'I wish I would've had a book like this when I started my journey in Nashville 12 years ago! This book is for any aspiring entrepreneur who needs to be reminded that every story has a different way of getting from point A to point B, and sometimes you just have to go for it!

'It's never too early or too late to restart! Jason shares a unique and approachable perspective on creating positive, high-impact and lasting change in your life and career. His enthusiasm for growth is contagious.'

'To figure yourself out to be as electric as possible through unconventional ways and your own life lessons, this is a must-read for you.'

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