A Better Way to Sell, Lead, and Influence

by Tom Stanfill

On Sale: November 9, 2021

Price: $27.99

Book Summary

In sharp contrast to the traditional approach to selling, learn how shifting the focus from crafting the perfect message to creating receptivity to your message will not only help you convert the formerly unwinnable customer but also transform the relationships that matter most.

About the Book

Receptivity of your audience is far more important than the power of your message.  Learn how making this simple change in focuscan make all the difference in your ability to influence and succeed in the world of sales.

In this groundbreaking new guide, ASLAN co-founder and CEO Tom Stanfill shares his proven methodology, road-tested over decades by hundreds of thousands of sales professionals, workshop participants, and industry experts, on how to convert even the most disinterested prospects and customers. unReceptive will show you how to:

  • Eliminate resistance and make selling easy and enjoyable, while experiencing a deeper sense of purpose.
  • Overcome the five receptivity barriers – the customer’s perception of you, opening a “closed” door, uncovering the unfiltered truth, changing beliefs, and motivating the customer to take action.
  • Adopt the tested and true operating system used by the most persuasive and influential people.


When you shift the focus from crafting the perfect message to creating receptivity, you flip the entire art of selling on its head and form lasting relationships that set you and your customers up for lasting success.

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