Blind Ambition

How to Go from Victim to Visionary

by Chad E. Foster

On Sale: February 16, 2021

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Book Summary

For anyone seeking to live life to its fullest potential, Blind Ambition is an eye-opening account of a tech industry star executive who overcame fear and hopelessness to turn his disadvantage of blindness into a powerful competitive strength.

About the Book

For anyone seeking to live life to its fullest potential, Blind Ambition is an eye-opening account of a tech industry executive who overcame fear and hopelessness to turn his blindness disability into a powerful, competitive strength.

While most people were preparing for the adventure of adult life, Chad E. Foster was watching the world he grew up with fade to black but that didn’t stop him from becoming the first blind person to graduate from the Harvard Business School leadership program and climbing the corporate ladder as a successful finance/sales executive.

With determination, ambition, and drive, Chad created what Oracle said would be impossible. He gave millions of people the ability to earn a living by becoming the first to create customer relationship software for the visually impaired.

Even if you've been robbed of your self-identity and dreams for the future, you can change your story and achieve your goals.

In Blind Ambition, readers and listeners will:

  • Be inspired by Chad’s story of how he transformed the loss of his vision into a gift with unique strengths and abilities he did not have before.
  • See how we choose the stories we tell ourselves about our circumstances and how this either limits us or propels us toward our goals.
  • Gain new perspective on what is possible when you shift your mindset, give up making excuses, and decide that you oversee who you want to be.
  • Learn the mental model that Chad uses to quickly overcome frustrations and stressors.

Overcoming the challenges of blindness improved Chad’s perspective, making him more resilient and grateful for the life that he has. Ultimately, Chad's unforgettable lessons and outlook will inspire listeners to overcome their perceived limitations and explore new possibilities where they once may have only seen obstacles.

Blind Ambition will teach you how to take advantage of your disadvantages.


'Blind Ambition shows us how to build resilience, adapt, and even thrive in the face of adversity. Attitude is everything and Chad's ability to believe that significant life obstacles can propel us to a better version of ourselves is a powerful lesson to us all. I worked closely with Chad for several years and he inspires, excites, and empowers people to embark on their own adventures.' -- Joe Readyhough, President and CEO, Qbase

'Chad's story is about persistence, strength, and tenacity. For every challenge put in his way, he has found an ingenious and liberating way to overcome it. I witnessed his winning capability firsthand at Red Hat and I'm so glad he is now sharing the lessons he has learned with the world. This is a must read for anyone looking for the motivation to persist in business and life.' -- Jim Whitehurst, President, IBM and former CEO, Red Hat

'In Blind Ambition, Chad Foster demonstrates how we can transform our misfortunes into growth opportunities. Chad is a courageous authentic leader who went from victim to visionary, turning his blindness from a disability into an ability to help others overcome their blind spots. Inspiring and deeply personal, this book can transform your life.' -- Bill George, Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School, Former Chair and amp; CEO, Medtronic, Author of Discover Your True North

'People with disabilities want the privilege to succeed or fail based on their merits, and Chad's powerful story demonstrates that success is indeed possible, even when faced with a significant disability--offering employers a way to tap into an underutilized talent pool.' -- The Honorable Tony Coelho, Former U.S. Congressman, chief-sponsor and author of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

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