The Human Cloud

How Today's Changemakers Use Artificial Intelligence and the Freelance Economy to Transform Work

by Matthew Mottola, Matthew Douglas Coatney

On Sale: January 26, 2021

Price: $24.99

Book Summary

With the technical world of work changing rapidly, don't leave anything to chance. In The Human Cloud, two workforce productivity and technology experts lay out a clear picture of the coming revolution in how work is done and how jobs are shaped, empowering you with practical advice to take charge of your future.

About the Book

Empower yourself with the knowledge to keep up with the rapidly changing technical world of work, as two workforce productivity and technology experts lay out a clear picture of the?coming?revolution?in how work is done and how jobs are shaped.

If you listen to the news, robots are coming for your job. Full-time employment will soon be a thing of the past as organizations opt more to hire employees on a contract basis.?With technological advances across email, video, project management, and instant messaging platforms, being tied to a desk working full time for one company is becoming obsolete. So, where does that leave you?

The Human Cloud may be the most important book you read to prepare for how work is done in the future. In these pages, human cloud technologist Matthew Mottola and AI expert Matthew Coatney help you not only clearly understand the transition you see happening around you, but they will also help you take advantage of it.

In The Human Cloud, Mottola and Coatney inform you about topics including:

  • How employees and employers will be able to take advantage of the new automated and freelance-based workplace.
  • How they will be able to take advantage of the new technology disruptions the machine cloud will create.
  • Why the changes employees and employers are seeing aren’t the projection of doom that many are predicting.
  • How to navigate the coming job marketplace.

By replacing fear with knowledge, you will better understand how this shift in employment is a good thing, be equipped to embrace the positive?advantages new technology brings, and further secure how your own job is shaped so you are never left behind.


'The Human Cloud is the critical guide to our times ... the best first step any leader can take to build the future that puts people first and creates the future of work.'
--Stephanie Nadi Olson, founder of We Are Rosie

'The Human Cloud lays out the case for using data analytics and AI to make remote workers more efficient while delivering higher quality--this is the next leap forward in making digital workers happier and more productive.'
--Chris Keene, CEO of Gigster

'I found The Human Cloud to be insightful and inspirational ... The Cheat Sheet summaries and We Dare You suggested activities at the end of each chapter make for a fresh and engaging read. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.'
--Patrick DiDomenico, Chief Innovation Officer, technology startup advisor and investor, and author of Knowledge Management for Lawyers

'Refreshing, yet realistic. The Matthews provide a clear roadmap for where we're going and what we need to do to get there.'
--Katherine Brune, owner and principal consultant of WorkSprout LLC, former Employee Well-Being and amp; Benefits director at SunTrust

'Take a journey with the Matthews, meet the freelancers they empower, and discover how The Human Cloud creates more opportunities for more entrepreneurs around the world.'
--Jacquelyn Adams, founder and CEO of Ristole, freelance writer

'The Matthews show us compelling stories of people who took their careers in their own hands and companies who started profiting from agile working models. A great story as a book and in real life.'
--Przemek Berendt, CEO of Talent Alpha

'Whether starting companies, leading as an employee, or working independently, leveraging cloud-based technology coupled with a mind-shift to outcome-based work is truly the definition of the future of work. '
--Liza Rodewald, CEO and founder of Instant Teams

'The Human Cloud is a must-read book to assist you, your organization, and your team in using the power of artificial intelligence to augment workplace capabilities. AI will not replace workers but enable them to work smarter!'
--Jeanne Meister, founding partner of Future Workplace and coauthor of The Future Workplace Experience: 10 Rules For Mastering Disruption in Recruiting and Engaging Employees

'The Human Cloud tells you everything you need to know about this booming industry and its enormous potential. Transformation is real, and the Matthews take you on this amazing journey to prove it.'
--Simran Doshi, copywriter and content writer,

'A must-read for anyone looking for more meaning, purpose, and control over their work, and for leaders who want to employ and use talent in groundbreaking ways.'
--Keith Rollag, Dean of F. W. Olin Graduate School of Business, Babson College

'A must-read for anyone whose role is threatened by the seismic shifts of the freelance economy and artificial intelligence. The Human Cloud provides hope and a guidebook on how to survive and thrive in this new world of work.'
--Tony Saldanha, CEO of Transformant, bestselling author of Why Digital Transformations Fail, and long-time technology executive of Fortune 25 company Procter and amp; Gamble

'Before the disruptive storm of the human and machine cloud building on the horizon surprises you when it is too late, read the Matthews book now to prepare yourself to thrive in this new economy.'
--Larry English, president of Centric Consulting and author of Office Optional: How to Build a Connected Culture with Virtual Teams

'Freelancing is inevitably completely different from what you think it's going to be like when you first plan your escape from corporate 9-5. The Human Cloud takes you into the stories and experiences of people just like you and me.'
--Petra Manos, CEO of The Quantified Web, podcast panelist at 'The Freelancer Show'

'Head to the nearest bookseller and buy The Human Cloud. Its smart, readable, explains the impact and opportunities created by these two mega-disruptors, and was written for 'changemakers' like you.'
--Jon Younger, founding partner of Agile Talent Collaborative

'In order to understand why and how to come out on top, read this book!'
--Michael Solomon, coauthor of Game Changer, cofounder of 10x Management, 10x Ascend, Brick Wall Management, and Musicians On Call

'Like it or loathe it, every worker, leader, and institution urgently needs to understand what's really shifting, what a new generation of workers and entrepreneurs expect, and how they can help shape these changes to benefit all of us. The Human Cloud is the best window I've seen to understand this radically altered future.'
--Jeremy Heimans, author of the national bestseller New Power and CEO of Purpose

'Organizations of all sizes have been struggling to figure out how to take advantage of remote and freelance talent. The Matthews do an amazing job of explaining how this trend will play out, and how to overcome the usual roadblocks that hold most organizations back.
--Tomas O'Farrell, cofounder and CEO of Workana

'Packed with useful tips and information, The Human Cloud will not only help you to explore and understand how the entire employment landscape is changing, but also how to best prepare, position, and market yourself for the future.'.
--Russ Crowley, Microsoft Word Consultant,

'The authors show us how both automation and freelance models converge to create new and increased opportunity for every one of us. A highly readable book that makes complex challenges clear, simple, and tangible.'
--Michael R. Solomon, PhD Professor of Marketing, Saint Joseph's University

'The Matthews have a unique way of getting the reader to see the big picture while also helping them identify practical steps for designing the professional and life outcomes of their desires. Rarely do I find a business book that's hard to put down, but The Human Cloud is one of those rare finds.'
--Betsy Westhafer, CEO of The Congruity Group, author, speaker, and podcaster

'The Matthews provide an explicit playbook to tap into the magic of the freelance economy; the Human Cloud will benefit the world's most talented individuals for years to come.'
--Michael Burdick, CEO of Paro

'The Matthews provide us with a clear vision of a new workplace, where the gig economy becomes mainstream, almost everybody works alongside a smart machine, and everything is in the cloud. How can you best prepare? Reading this book right now.'
--Thomas H. Davenport, distinguished professor, Babson College, fellow, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, and author of Only Humans Need Apply and The AI Advantage

'The Matthews thread together the most significant future of work trends of our time, offering a sharp and timely narrative that's equal parts human stories and actionable insights. If you need to get ahead of the curve, The Human Cloud is your shortcut to do just that.'
--Lauren Razavi, award-winning writer and Google's former managing editor for the future of work

'This book is more than just unique insights; it provides tangible steps leaders can start implementing immediately. I can't wait for leaders to read this and bring the Human Cloud to their organization today!'
--Oscar Rydman, CEO of Pangora

'Whether you are a freelancer, want to become one, work with one, or have never heard of one, you will be able to feel inspired by this work.'
--Laurel Farrer, founder and CEO of Distribute Consulting, former COO of Yonder

'With the power of the Human Cloud, you can create, innovate, and invent whole new products and markets for your ideas. Tap into the power of the Human Cloud with this forward-thinking book.'
--Daniel H. Pink, #1 New York Times bestselling author of WHEN and DRIVE

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