The Gumbo Coalition

10 Leadership Lessons That Help You Inspire, Unite, and Achieve

by Marc Morial, Sheryl Sandberg

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Book Summary

To be a great leader, you must be able to unite people from all backgrounds with seemingly competing agendas to come together under a common cause. Marc Morial, former mayor of New Orleans and current president and CEO of the National Urban League, has been such a leader and shares the lessons he learned along a legendary journey of achievement.

About the Book

Learn key lessons on diversity and inclusion from front-line expert Marc Morial, CEO of the National Urban League and former mayor of New Orleans.

Marc Morial knew his calling from a young age was to be a leader in the fight for meaningful change. Growing up in the segregated South and helping his father realize an incredible victory as the first African American mayor of New Orleans, Morial was shown that significant change is possible.

Less than two decades later in his own mayoral race in New Orleans, Morial built what he christened the “Gumbo Coalition,” an incredible mixture of all of New Orleans’s ingredients--African Americans, Whites, Latinos, Asians, business leaders, grassroots community activists, business leaders, clergy, and more. Each ingredient brought its own flavor, creating a dish that was able to reduce crime and rebuild New Orleans’s reputation with such power that the city successfully attracted an NBA franchise, multiple Super Bowls, and the Essence Festival, the largest African American event in the nation.

Now, Morial fights on behalf of the National Urban League to create a community with a voice so strong that nothing can stand in the way of change. He is ready to teach others what he has learned along the way, by showing readers what it means to be a leader who can unite voices and create meaningful change.


'As witness and participant to Marc Morial's gumbo skills over many years his actions speak loudly alongside his words. The combination wins the outcomes that are Marc's leadership hallmarks. To see him in action is to see his embrace of the youngest, least certain to the oldest, most experienced; to feel his strength building momentum tempered by his compassion for all, including those with differences; to witness his respect for each person in his presence and their desire to be encouraged and emboldened by his deeds and assurances. His story and leadership benefit us all.' - John Hofmeister fmr CEO of Shell Oil

'In The Gumbo Coalition, Marc doesn't treat diversity as just a buzzword or a bothersome hurdle as many companies or leaders begrudgingly do. Marc exalts in diversity (gumbo) as a source of great strength, growth potential, and dynamic innovations--and as an imperative for leaders to embrace and actively cultivate if they want to achieve success.'

'The Gumbo Coalition is outstanding, and it's outstanding in ways I didn't expect. The book is a fascinating political memoir, it's also something more: a leadership manual, complete with checklists, tips, and pitfalls to avoid. Marc writes about how to increase your collective power by building consensus, how vital it is to communicate your vision to your team at every step, and how networking done right is about building purposeful and intentional relationships for the common good. To my mind, that makes The Gumbo Coalition essential reading for people across all sectors--especially business leaders.'

'When Marc talks about building coalitions to successfully meet challenges, he's not only talking theory; he's sharing with readers what he's practiced his entire life.'

'Marc Morial is a star of strategy and execution. The Gumbo Coalition, a deeply personal, easy read, brings alive the generational wisdom that lives in the heart and soul of one of the most admired leaders of our time. A winning recipe for achievement, it illuminates behaviors that get in our way and demonstrates that you never have to sacrifice your soul to succeed in building on any front. This is a book that will help you thrive, save you time, money and heartache. I wish I had it at the beginning my career.'

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