Digital Resilience

Is Your Company Ready for the Next Cyber Threat?

by Ray Rothrock, Richard A. Clarke

On Sale: April 17, 2018

Price: $29.95

Book Summary

Cybercrime is on the rise . . . Make sure your company doesn’t make the next grim headline.

About the Book

In the Digital Age of the twenty-first century, the question is not if you will be targeted, but when. Are you prepared? If not, where does one begin? 

For an enterprise to be fully prepared for the immanent attack, it must be actively monitoring networks, taking proactive steps to understand and contain attacks, enabling continued operation during an incident, and have a full recovery plan already in place.

Cybersecurity expert Ray Rothrock has provided for businesses large and small a must-have resource that highlights:

  • the tactics used by today’s hackers,
  • vulnerabilities lurking in networks,
  • and strategies not just for surviving attacks, but thriving while under assault.

Businesses and individuals will understand better the threats they face, be able to identify and address weaknesses, and respond to exploits swiftly and effectively. From data theft to downed servers, from malware to human error, cyber events can be triggered anytime from anywhere around the globe.

Digital Resilience provides the resilience-building strategies your business needs to prevail--no matter what strikes.

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  • On Sale: April 17, 2018
  • Pages: 256
  • List Price: $29.95
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