Successful Acquisitions

A Proven Plan for Strategic Growth

by David Braun

On Sale: April 10, 2013

Price: $26.95

Book Summary

A complete road map for how to successfully expand your company through acquisitions--because when done right, the fruits of your labor are abundant!

About the Book

What if you purchased another company to expand your business that is already successful? That may seem daunting but when done right, expanding your acquisitions can deliver outstanding rewards.

As a business owner, you are guaranteed at some point to ask yourself, are you content with your level of success or do you want to continue growing? Whether you are in technology, sales, the restaurant business, or any other type of industry, there is a cap to your single business.

Successful Acquisitions fills business leaders in on all they need to know about finding and buying the right companies that most closely already match their business model and are most likely to successfully expand their business toward the growth it is ready for. The book’s practical and comprehensive approach integrates all the moving pieces into a logical step-by-step process that covers:

  • The art and science of researching companies
  • Building and balancing an acquisition team
  • Valuation tips that look beyond the obvious
  • The importance of “the seller’s equation”
  • Developing a negotiation platform
  • Guidelines for structuring an airtight deal
  • Bringing the deal to a timely close
  • A 100-day plan for making integration a success

You don’t have to be in the mergers and acquisitions business to be able to successfully expand your company by way of a multimillion-dollar purchase. Successful Acquisitions has done all the homework for you. From building the foundation to growing the relationships to cementing the deal, you’ll be well on your way to unimaginable growth in no time!

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  • On Sale: April 10, 2013
  • Pages: 256
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