The Real Estate Investor's Pocket Calculator

Simple Ways to Compute Cash Flow, Value, Return, and Other Key Financial Measurements

by Michael Thomsett

On Sale: October 5, 2017

Price: $22.99

Book Summary

Your next real estate investment doesn’t have to be so risky. Learn how to crunch the right numbers before you commit capital.

About the Book

The return on real estate investments hinges less on the physical property and more on the math. This invaluable resource helps you analyze the financial picture before shoveling out the money.

With real estate investing on the rebound, more people are jumping into the market, although not everyone is finding equal amounts of success. Why do some investments turn into gold mines and some into money pits? If they had taken the right measures beforehand, they would’ve realized that the numbers just didn’t add up.

Before your next real estate investment, you need to ask things like: Have you measured every component of value, such as cash flow, income taxes, financing, and investment yield? Do you know which calculations to use on specific properties? Have you weighed all the risks?

In The Real Estate Investor’s Pocket Calculator, finance expert and author Michael C. Thomsett shows you how to:

  • Gauge supply and demand
  • Project return on investment and equity
  • Analyze present and future value
  • Calculate cash flow
  • Make accurate tax projections

Fewer mistakes and less guess work. Larger returns and even more opportunities for additional investments. It’s all possible now with the help of The Real Estate Investor’s Pocket Calculator!

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  • On Sale: October 5, 2017
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