The Inside Guide to Funding Real Estate Investments

How to Get the Money You Need for the Property You Want

by Ross Hamilton

On Sale: November 16, 2017

Price: $22.99

Book Summary

With this insider’s perspective into the funding process and the way lenders think, you can be set up for real estate success like no other!

About the Book

Great financing is the holy grail of real estate--with the power to make or break the deal. Learn how to get the money you need for the property you need.

Whether you are brokering your first deal or your fiftieth, finding the right financing for that specific situation can be the most important challenge you face. However, you can find nearly unlimited supplies of funding for all your real estate deals if you know where to look

The Inside Guide to Funding Real Estate Investments introduces you to the range of options available--from traditional mortgages and asset-based loans to crowdfunding and private money--and provides an inside look into the loan process as a whole and how lenders think through different scenarios. Learn all there is to know about:

  • What lenders are looking for
  • How to close with confidence
  • How to maintain sufficient liquidity
  • How to protect your credit position for future deals
  • What to do when deals go south

Whether you’re planning to fix and flip or buy and hold, you can rest confidently that you are in prime position to not only avoid costly borrowing mistakes but also be set up for real estate success beyond what you thought possible with The Inside Guide to Funding Real Estate Investments by your side.

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