How Do I Get There from Here?

Planning for Retirement When the Old Rules No Longer Apply

by George Schofield

On Sale: August 17, 2017

Price: $16.95

Book Summary

Challenge the way you think about retirement. The new After-50 Lifestyle calls for more than money. Will you be prepared?

About the Book

No matter how far or close you think you are to retirement, this book is your one-stop guide to help you plot your direction for the coming decades.

Not long ago everyone knew what the word retirement meant--retire at age 65 after 40 years at the same job and coast through your golden years courtesy of a comfortable nest egg. But now, age expectancy is higher, savings are slimmer, and people change jobs more frequently. Clinging to this outdated concept of retirement only gets you a room in your kids’ house. Your retirement is going to require an incremental approach to planning--and you must begin now. This requires conscious engagement, diverse interests, and the ability to adapt.

In How Do I Get There from Here?, readers will first be directed how to review all their assets--both tangible and intangible--so they can get an honest assessment of where they are right now. Then a journey through self-reflective questions and exercises will:

  • walk you through imagining your future,
  • identifying skills you’ll need,
  • and learning how to prepare for inevitable twists and turns along the way.

Stop clinging to an ancient and stereotypical idea of retirement. Decades of nonstop leisure is not only unreachable for most, it’s not even truly desirable. Begin now charting the path for a unique, dynamic future you can look forward to!

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